14. International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone

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Cancellation of Stone 2020


September 7th – 12th, 2020, Göttingen, Germany


14th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone



Dear participants of the STONE 2020,

in September 2016 at the 13th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone in Paisley, we started with the aim of organizing the 14th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone (Stone 2020) in Germany with an invitation for experts to visit the Universities of Göttingen and Kassel. Since 2017, we have been planning the Stone 2020 conference intensively and have already completed all the necessary organizational points for holding this conference. The conference venue with meeting rooms and social events have been booked, as well as the excursion to Kassel to the World Heritage Mountain Park with the Hercules monument (e.g. guided tours, conference dinner etc.). Furthermore, we have also planned excursions as well as a summer school to educate young scientists. Unfortunately, we also fell victim to the Covid19 pandemic, which makes it impossible to hold Stone 2020 in September in Göttingen and Kassel. Under the current situation it can be assumed that, travel possibilities will still be restrictive in September, so that many, especially non-European participants are unable to come. For this reason, we have no other option than to cancel Stone 2020.

Nevertheless, the current state of knowledge is recorded in our proceedings, which we were able to prepare thanks to the active cooperation of the conference participants. We will send these proceedings to all conference participants in September.

For the proceedings (ca.1200 -1300 pages, with around 175 contributions in total), we will charge 125€ per participant, i.e. to all colleagues who already paid the registration. In the attached table you will find the costs of the proceedings and the shipping price of the parcels. The value given in the table will be the total charge. This will be an additional workload for us, but we are more than willing to manage the final sending of the proceedings.

All other colleagues, who are interested in obtaining a copy of the limited printed version, you should contact us as soon as possible. You are also welcome to inform your libraries, universities or research institutes. After the printed version is sold out, you will be able to order an e-book. The remaining amount of the conference fees will be refunded to you. The young scientists who wanted to participate in the summer school as well as the student participants will get an e-version of the proceedings and a total refund of the fees.

At the moment, the great uncertainty felt all over the world is not very helpful for any sound organizational planning. We are deeply saddened not to be able to hold the Stone 2020 conference, which we were looking forward to very much, and hope for your understanding in these difficult times.



Prof. Bernhard Middendorf
Prof. Siegfried Siegesmund


Total cost of printed proceedings incl. shipping

country / area postal costs
total cost [€]:
proceedings incl. shipping 
Germany 15 140
European Union 25 150
others 45 170

The total cost will be deducted from your individual paid conference fees. The difference will be repaid.




Dear participants of the STONE 2020,

the Corona virus unfortunately determines our lives and actions. The STONE 2020 is scheduled to take place from September 7th to 12th 2020 in Göttingen and Kassel and the organisation is still well in time.

Yesterday the organising committee decided to wait for the situation to improve, because we hope to be back to normal live in September and will be happy to host you at our STONE 2020 as scheduled. We will postpone the decision of the future of STONE 2020 till end of April, because we think to be able to assess the situation then. Nevertheless, we are currently in good hope meeting you in September.

Until then we ask all registered participants and sponsors for patience and further active participation in the preparation of our proceedings, which we will definitely complete.


We will keep you informed.

Stay healthy!

Bernhard Middendorf
Siegfried Siegesmund




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